Lease Termination in Philadelphia

When you lease a car from an auto leasing agency, you get to use it for a number of years. Of course, this does not make you the sole owner of the car. You are basically renting it out for a matter of a few years. When the agreed upon period in the lease contract ends, you must then return the auto lease to the original owner. This process is called lease termination.
Usually this should simply be the act of handing over the keys, provided that the vehicle has been used right. However, there are situations where this may turn into a lengthier process. When a car leasing company gives you a car on lease, they also specify certain limitations in the auto leasing contract. These include the maximum number of miles travelable in a year, the maximum damage percentage to the interior and exterior, and the condition of the engine. All of these are checked when the car is returned at the end of the lease period.

Consequences of Going over the Limits

When the inspection of the vehicle is done during lease termination, there is a chance that you may have gone over the limits specified in the contract. If this is the case, you would end up having to pay a large bill, with most car leasing companies. For instance, if the maximum number of miles has been surpassed, you will be billed for the extra amount. In this way, the expenses can add up and you could be laden with a large bill at the end.

Reducing the Risk at Philadelphia Car Leasing

One of the main causes of this oversight occurring is that the auto leasing company doesn’t clearly specify the terms to the customers. This results in ignorance on the customer’s part. It is the responsibility of the company to help the customers understand the terms of their lease clearly. Here at Philadelphia Car Leasing, that is exactly what we do. For us, money comes second to customer satisfaction. We do everything we can to ensure that you have a good time during and after your lease period. Our car leasing company clearly tells the customer exactly what they must and must not do. This is because we are dedicated to helping you avoid having to pay any extra at the end of your lease.
Our professional agents will converse with you on the finer points and details of the car you are buying. We will even tell you how to maintain your lease car so that it is in the best condition when you return it. All cars have different requirements when it comes to maintenance. It is important that you adhere to proper procedures in order to make sure that the vehicle is in good shape. In fact, call 570-698-CARS (2277) today and talk to our staff! They will tell you everything you need to know about our lease termination policy. We can guarantee that you won’t have to pay a large bill at the end, if you stick to what we tell you to do.