Careers at Philadelphia Car Leasing

Working at a car leasing company is thought of as an easy job. We beg to differ. Usually, people working in auto leasing agencies are taken in with very little training and a low level of professionalism. This makes for a very inexperienced team of people. It also results in there being a whole bunch of dissatisfied customers. This is because the levels of service at a typical car leasing agency are very lacking.
However, if you happen to be someone with great people skills, then Philadelphia Car Leasing might just be the place for you. We need staff who absolutely love working with automobiles. People who know exactly what they are talking about when it comes to cars. We also need people who can connect with customers on a deeper level. This is because customers feel better about having a friend to talk to than just another salesperson who only cares about their commission. If you think you have got what it takes to enter a challenging field of work in this field, call our car leasing company on 570-698-CARS (2277) and get your interview today!

Why Working for Us is different

In a typical car leasing company, the salespeople are very stereotypical. At one glance, you can tell that what they care about is the commission, not the customer. They tend to be pushy, trying their hardest to make the customer lease a car that isn’t even remotely related to what they really want. Typical salespeople don’t bother trying to connect with the customer. Instead, like robots, they prattle on about the same thing over and over.
One of the worst things that any marketer can do is be biased. That is a major issue in many car leasing companies not just in Pennsylvania but all over the States. The staff at a car dealership tend to try and sell one particular type of car without even considering other options. This is a very bad idea, because it can put the customer off leasing any car at all. This is usually because the car leasing companies don’t have a wide range of products.
With Philadelphia Car Leasing, none of this happens. What we place at the top of our list is our customer. As one of our staff, you will be tasked with guiding the prospective customer to the car they want and need. You are not the one who will end up driving the car, they are. Therefore, you will have to help them with whatever they need. As a member of our dedicated team of professionals here at our car leasing company, you will have to connect with the customer. Talk to them, and find out what they really want before giving them a range of options to choose from.

Got What It Takes?

As one of our team you will undergo extensive training in human relations and conversational skills. You will also be instructed in etiquette and analysis of the customer’s lifestyle and choice. When a customer calls you, you must be friendly, warm and inclusive of them. Be their friend. You will be trained in all of this so that you can connect with them like they have never experienced before.
Our car leasing company will also help you overcome being biased towards one brand. See, we have the widest range of brands and models anywhere. This means that you won’t ever have to try and steer a customer towards another brand. We have it all! If you think you have what it takes to be a part of our team, call us on 570-698-CARS (2277) or just email us your CV.