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Cadillac Leasing in Philadelphia

Cadillac is the top manufacturer of luxury automobiles in the U.S. It is famous for its exclusive line-up of premium cars. Owned and operated by General Motors, it is the sister company of Chevrolet and Buick. It is the second oldest American automaker. It was built up from the smoking ruins of the original Henry Ford Company. Cadillac has been the market leader in automotive technological and engineering advancements. They were the developers of the world famous V8 engines. Yes, Cadillac is a car worth paying a luxury price for.

Cadillac Specials and our range

When you come to our car leasing agency looking for a Cadillac vehicle that you have been dreaming of, you have struck gold. We offer you the best auto leasing deals on all current Cadillac models. As one of our favorite car leasing specials, we give you the Cadillac Escalade. This is a widely popular SUV. It packs a 6.2L EcoTec3 V-8 FlexFuel engine. This is a powerful engine for an equally badass SUV. When looking at the Escalade, you can just imagine the sheer power packed under the hood. The height also makes driving it feel like you’re on top of the world. With Philadelphia Car Leasing even you can feel like a king. We offer the Escalade at the lowest auto leasing rates in the county. As a bonus, we also offer the ESV trim, which is a more spacious version based on the Chevrolet Suburban.
In addition to this we also offer an exclusive line-up of Cadillac models such as the ATS Coupe, ATS-V Coupe, ATS-V Sedan, ATS Sedan, CT6 Sedan, CTS Coupe, CTS-V Coupe, CTS-V Wagon, CTS-V Sedan, CTS Wagon, CTS Sedan, ELR Coupe, Escalade ESV SUV, Escalade SUV, SRX SUV and the XTS Sedan. Call us on 570-698-CARS (2277) today and get information on our full range of Cadillac vehicles.

Our Policy on Vehicle Models

At Philadelphia Car Leasing, we make it a point to stock only the latest models of any vehicle. We do this for our customers. This is because the newer a vehicle is, the lower its rate of depreciation. This means that the car leasing rate will also be lower as the vehicle is from a later year. Therefore, it is in your interest to lease cars that are from more current years. They will look good aesthetically and they will actually save you money. This is helpful when you are on a budget.
Our policy on the vehicles we stock also extends to discontinued models. We do not have any discontinued vehicle models in stock. This is for a few very sensible reasons. The first is that the maintenance cost on such vehicles is through the roof. This would result in you having to pay a lot extra for damages that would cost peanuts in a newer vehicle. This is because parts are readily available for newer vehicles but not for the older models. Contact us via email or call our agents on 570-698-CARS (2277) for a closer look into our car leasing policy!