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Smart Leasing in Philadelphia

Smart Automobiles is a car manufacturer that makes two very unique subcompact vehicles. They are a division of Daimler AG, and are a German automaker. Their vehicle sales are in excess of a million units each year. The company is marketed in nearly every inhabited continent.

Smart Cars at Philadelphia Car Leasing

Here at our car leasing company, we believe in giving you only the best choices when it comes to cars. This extends to all our vehicles. We also make it a point to stock anything under the sun. This doesn’t mean that our auto leasing agency has unsafe automobiles. All of our vehicles have come from carmakers who have passed the standards in safety and design. Smart, which is a subsidiary of the same company that brings you Mercedes-Benz, has met all of our prerequisites. We also believe in forward thinking here at our car leasing company. This is why we are offering vehicles from a company that has won many awards for economy and innovation.
In fact, the more famous vehicle of Smart is the ForFour. It is a city car 5 door hatchback. The vehicle was developed with French carmaker Renault. It uses a 1.0L H-Type I3 engine couple with twin 66kW or 52kW electric motors. This makes it one of the most economical cars on the road. It may not be the best choice for those of you who go on long distance trips. However, it is an absolutely amazing vehicle to get on a car leasing contract if you are a daily commuter in the big city. Our other Smart vehicle on offer on the best auto leasing deals in Philadelphia is the Smart ForTwo. As the names suggest, the ForFour seats 4 people, and the ForTwo, 2.

Lease Return with Philadelphia Car Leasing

A lease return is the process of returning your lease car (whether it is a Smart car or any other) to us. Our auto leasing agency is unlike any other when it comes to the end of your lease, though. We believe in helping you save money. This is why we usually get return customers. We are fair and just when it comes to our lease return policy. For most auto leasing companies, the process is mostly about making money off the customer. The lease return process should be fairly simple, but most of the car leasing agencies don’t make it so. The first step is to conduct an in-depth investigation into the car you are returning. If you have not adhered to the specified limits for mileage, engine condition and bodywork, you will be charged. This is usually quite a hefty fee.
However, this is not how it works here. At our car leasing agency, we first conduct our investigation, as per procedure. However, we are far more lenient than the average auto leasing company. We only charge you if it costs us too much to consider doing on our own. If you feel like you need to find out more about our attractive lease return policy, call us on 570-698-CARS (2277) today!