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Mitsubishi Leasing in Philadelphia

Mitsubishi is one of the biggest automakers in the world. The Japanese company is just one small part of a huge conglomerate of companies collectively called the Mitsubishi Group. It is the sixteenth biggest car manufacturer in the world. They focus on economical street cars and SUVs as well as performance cars and motorsports. There is another division of the company that manufactures trucks and buses. However, the incidence of trucks and buses being leased in Philadelphia is a lot lower than sedans and SUVs.

Mitsubishi and Philadelphia Car Leasing

As one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, Mitsubishi has a range of vehicles in stock. This selection may not be the biggest on the market, but it has a record of customer satisfaction. In fact, the Mitsubishi vehicles we have at our online dealership keep customers coming back for more. From their high performance sedans to their bulky yet powerful pickup trucks, the Mitsubishi series has it all. One of the most innovative Mitsubishi vehicles we have on car leasing specials is the Outlander PHEV.
This vehicle has been termed one of the most advanced plug-in hybrids in the world. The SUV is a 5 seater which you can get at Philadelphia Car Leasing for the best rates in the county. It boasts a 2.0L petrol engine coupled with twin electric motors. The combined range of the Outlander PHEV when tested by our car leasing company was found to be over 500 miles. Of course, such an innovative vehicle comes with a specific set of requirements.
Our range of other Mitsubishi models on offer for you include the Outlander AWD SUV (2.4L MIVEC CVT), Space Star, Attrage Sedan, Mirage G4 Sedan, Outlander Sport SUV, i-MiEV Electric Car, Lancer Evolution, Lancer Hatchback, Lancer Sedan, Pajero SUV and the L200 Cab.
Call our auto leasing agency now on 570-698-CARS (2277) for more information on our many deals featuring Mitsubishi vehicles.

Taking Care of your Special Vehicle

Here at Philadelphia Car Leasing we offer a wide range of auto leasing specials. These include vehicles that are leading the market in terms of technology. A prime example of this is the Outlander PHEV that was just spoke about. This vehicle is one of the first of its kind, and is incredibly advanced. Because of this, it has very special requirements when it comes to maintenance. Perform these procedures wrong, and you could end up with quite a hefty bill from the car leasing company. However, we will sort that problem out for you.
Our agents are always on call. When you get a special vehicle on a car leasing contract from us, we specify exactly what needs to be done. This includes everything pertaining to repair and maintenance of your vehicle. If you have any doubts about these procedures during your lease period, all you have to do is call us on 570-698-CARS (2277) and get more information. All of our agents are proficient in all our brands. This is so that they won’t be biased. This also means that you will be able to contact us at any time for help regarding your lease car!