About Auto Leasing in Philadelphia

Leasing a vehicle is a process that can be a little confusing to people new to the game. However, it is actually a rather simple procedure once you have got the basics down. A car leasing company doesn’t usually attempt to educate you on either the basics or the finer points of leasing a vehicle.
However, we at Philadelphia Car Leasing want you to understand what you’re doing before you do it. This is so that we can be more useful to you, and so that you don’t have to worry about having regrets later.

the Basics of Car Leasing

The first thing you must always keep in mind when it comes to car leasing is that you are not buying the vehicle. The auto leasing company is still the sole owner of the vehicle. What you are doing is renting the vehicle for a very long period of time. Where you can usually rent a car for a week or so, the typical lease period is measured in years.
The distinct advantage of getting a car on lease is the price. You would pay much less than the purchase price of the car to drive the car as if it was yours for the lease period. This means that you could get a really expensive car even while on a budget, if you get a car lease. For example, you could (probably) get a brand new Audi A9 on lease, with money in your wallet to purchase a Toyota Corolla. While both are amazing cars, it has to be admitted that Audi is generally a higher class of car manufacturer. This is one of the biggest advantages of auto leasing.

Tips for Maintaining Lease Cars

To get a lease car, you need to understand how a lease is calculated. An auto leasing company usually calculates the lease rate based on how much the value of the car depreciates over the lease period. Since later cars depreciate slower (because they are newer), the lease rate is lower. Therefore, it is practical to say that you would save more by leasing a newer model of vehicle than an older one. This means that you could always be driving the latest model of car as soon as it releases, just by using leases.
One of the main things to be remembered when you have a lease car is that you do not own the vehicle. So try your best not to try and re-enact that scene from The Fast and The Furious 7 with the cars parachuting out of a plane. This is not a good idea. At all. You will end up having to pay a huge amount in damages. Unlike the movie, you haven’t just robbed a bank. So it is in your interest to keep your lease car as you would a delicate item, just to avoid the cost upon return for damages incurred.
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