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BMW Leasing in Philadelphia

BMW is a German manufacturer of luxury cars, motorbikes and engines. In addition to its usual line of vehicles, it also owns the automakers Mini and Rolls-Royce. It is one of the most popular and famous brands in the world. It has also ventured into motorsport, but has ceased the majority of its aircraft operations.
Here at our car leasing company, we give you the widest range of BMW vehicles in the entire state of Pennsylvania. In fact, we have over 30 models of the latest and greatest BMWs just for you. This includes their standard ranges and other trims. Each of these are offered only on the best auto leasing deals. BMW’s flagship sedan, the 7 series, is available as one of our car leasing specials. The 7 series sedan boasts a 4.4L V8 turbocharged engine. It is usually the car that gets the first technology upgrades BMW experiments with. There are many trims for the 7 series sedan, and it is available with a diesel engine as well.

Huge Range of BMWs

Our range of BMWs isn’t limited to sedans and SUVs. As one of our auto leasing specials, we stock the BMW Z4 Convertible. This is a sports roadster with a 2.9L Twin Turbocharged engine. It is a gorgeous little convertible. You can get it for the lowest prices in the state, right here.
Our extensive range of BMW vehicles also extends to the 2 Series Convertible, 2 Series Coupe, 3 Series Gran Turismo Hatchback, 3 Series Diesel, 3 Series Hybrid, 3 Series Sedan, 3 Series Wagon, 4 Series Gran Coupe Sedan, 4 Series Convertible, 4 Series Coupe, 5 Series Gran Turismo Hatchback, 5 Series Diesel,, 5 Series Sedan, 6 Series Gran Coupe Sedan, 6 Series Convertible, 6 Series Coupe, 7 Series Diesel, 7 Series Sedan, ActivHybrid 5 Sedan, ActivHybrid 7 Sedan, ALPINA B6 Gran Coupe Sedan, ALPINA B7 Sedan, i3 Hatchback, i8 Coupe, M3 Sedan, M4 Convertible, M4 Coupe, M5 Sedan, M6 Gran Coupe Sedan, M6 Convertible and the M6 Coupe in the sedan and full-sized car class.
We also have at our car leasing company a range of BMW SUVs such as the X1 SUV, X3 Diesel, X3 SUV, X4 SUV, X5 M SUV, X5 Diesel, X5 SUV, X6 M SUV, X6 SUV and the X7 SUV. As you can see, our range of BMW vehicles is vast. You can get any of these at the lowest rates with Philadelphia Car Leasing. Simply call us up on 570-698-CARS (2277) and get some help picking out the bimmer of your dreams!

Driving Green in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is considered one of the more progressive yet historically valued city/counties in the U.S. Because of this, a lot of people are educated on the changing climate. They choose to do a little something to contribute to reducing pollution. If you are one of those green-minded people but are still looking for a lease car, you have come to the right place.
We offer a wide range of hybrid and electronic vehicles. You can get them from high-end manufacturers like Audi down to amazing hybrids from Toyota. In fact, our car leasing company even offers the choice of innovative Tesla electric sports vehicles. Simply contact us on 570-698-CARS (2277) today. Start driving greener; do your part.