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Lincoln Leasing in Philadelphia

The Lincoln Motor Company is a subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company. It is an American brand of premium, luxury executive automobiles (usually sedans). They do produce crossover SUVs and limousine type vehicles as well. As such, Lincoln vehicles are suited for a wide range of luxury applications. Ford hopes to increase the amount of Lincoln sales to 162,000 a year by 2016. For now, Lincoln remains one of the more exclusive North American brands of automobiles on the market.

Lincoln at Philadelphia Car Leasing

At our car leasing company, we pride ourselves on having the most comprehensive, fully stocked line of automobiles anywhere in Philadelphia. Unlike the average auto leasing agency, we offer a wide variety of brands and models. Our range of Lincoln vehicles is no exception to this rule. We give you some of the best auto leasing specials on Lincoln vehicles. If you haven’t made the smart choice and picked Philadelphia Car Leasing for your new Lincoln vehicle, you should.
In fact, we offer the flagship Lincoln vehicle, the MKS Sedan, as one of our special car leasing deals. The MKS Sedan replaced the Continental Sedan as the flagship. It features a range of engine trims, the most powerful of which is a 3.7L Cyclone V6 engine. It does however, come in more economical engine options. The features that the MKS Sedan has to offer here at Philadelphia Car Leasing include full leather seats, ebony wood interior paneling, push button start, and buttons for the driver to access. These buttons appear only when required. This is a very unique feature that is very popular among the more James Bond era clients at our auto leasing company.

the Range of Lincoln Vehicles

In addition to the flagship vehicle, we also offer some absolutely amazing rates on the other Lincoln models we have in our store. These models include the Continental Sedan, MKC SUV, MKS Sedan, MKT Wagon, MKX SUV, MKZ Hybrid, MKZ Sedan and the Navigator SUV. The range may seem small, but it is capable of catering to the pickiest of buyers. One of the best choices one can make in terms of Lincoln vehicles is the MKX SUV. This is in fact a five seater crossover vehicle from Lincoln. You can get it on the lowest car leasing rates in the state with our auto leasing company. Interested? Call us on 570-698-CARS (2277) for a quotation and more information!

Doorstep Delivery with Philadelphia Car Leasing

If you are thinking about leasing a Lincoln vehicle or any other, and you live within the county of Philadelphia, you are in luck! When you lease with us, you get your car lease delivered right to your doorstep. Once you enter the auto leasing contract with our company (this can be done online), all you have to do is sit back. After our very fast processing time is up, we deliver the car to the address you specify to us. You don’t have to go to any trouble at all. If you want to learn more about this very attractive service, call us on 570-698-CARS (2277) today!